Vision on Urban Architectural Design

Sam Eftegarie, Urban Architect (MSc)

Underneath the foundations of design projects lay buried the seeds of possibility. Waiting for the right conditions to come about. Great designs create the right climate for these seeds to flourish, sothat people can rise to it.

Freehand Drawing
Growing up in the desert I had nothing but all the time in the world to think. Then one day a tall girl named Sara gave me a pencil, sparking the process of creatvity in me.

Harmony by Design
While my talent came to me as a gift in that desert, my profession comes with responsibility. Because designing factories shapes businesses. Designing houses nurtures family life. Designing interiors forges privacy and intimacy in relationships. Designing traffic systems reduces conflict and maximizes throughput. Designing landscapes improves health. Designing meeting rooms facilitates participation. Designing public street furniture allows for wonderfully spontaneous encounterings. And designing vibrant neighbourhoods brings harmony in society. To me that's the meaning of urban architecture and why I like to be involved in the constructive field that shapes our built environment.

Iconic Architecture
In the vast expansiveness of the universe we are but dust in the future. But our ideas and architecture outlast us and remain enduring. My passion for characteristically monumental buildings has been advanced by my rich Eastern as well as equally rich Western cultural background. To me they are naturally mixed into an even more richer and vibrant identity. Resulting in a unique and refreshing modern style, that is warm rounded yet sleek and finished. My style opens a dialogue in search of timelessness, functionality and eternal beauty.

Unique Spatial Identity
I'm blessed growing up in The Netherlands for it has very unique spatial properties. Instead of one mega city, like London or Tokyo, hundreds of cities balance each other out in a collegial yet competitive fashion. Ideas spread through this network of cities that cover the nation, giving her the historically well known liberal, peaceful and advanced identity.

Civic Happiness
Great architectural urban design should bring about a universal feeling of happyness and well being. The Dutch word "stede" ("stedebouw") is a welcoming place where one is safe and happy. So I feel we must take distance from large-scale, repetitive, top-down urban development and move towards a more small-scaled, diversified, organic and bottom-up urban architecture. Moving away from the scale of, and more towards the soul of, spatial design. All that surrounds us is built upon and is given to us as a gift, by past generations. So with a visionary look ahead, I equally respect the existing context.

Talent by Integrity
Often we designers become commodities and must sell what we are told by clientele. But I feel we should rise above the fashion trends and remain true to the integrity of our genuine creations. For me urban architectural design is not a business but a profession. It's not a commodity but a calling. For those gifted with the talent (and responsibility to match) are cherished by the collective. Thats why I personally know of no single architect who voluntarily retires.

Sam Eftegarie, MSc.
Urban Architect

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